Compliance Seminars

The Principal of PTS has had extensive training and education experience, both professional seminars/conferences and undergraduate college courses.  This experience can be applied to your organization in the form of dynamic presentations on general cGMP principles as used in Engineering, Maintenance, and Calibration, for staff or technicians, or sessions tailored to your requirements.  Experienced based training can be provided on the following topics:




In house sessions offer the following advantages:
  • For a single fee we provide you with access to a leading authority on facility compliance issues.
  • As few as 3 (or as many as you like) of your technical people can participate in a customized onsite technical training course  for a fixed cost (plus a small cost per participant for materials) that is much less than sending your people off site.
  • The savings on costly hotel and travel expenses for employees is significant. The only expenses for an on site seminar, other than fees, are the reasonable travel and lodging costs for faculty members.
  • There is the opportunity to tailor the standard program to your company's specific problems and interests.
  • Course notes are provided for every participant. The onsite format ensures that students can interact to get answers to their questions.